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The Assemblage is a community of individuals who believe the world is at the verge of a collective conscious evolution, transitioning from a society defined by individualism and separation into one of interconnectedness.

The Assemblage

Through access to urban buildings & natural habitats, programming, sound meditations, speaker series & interactive content, The Assemblage community is armed with essential tools for igniting consciousness and collaboration.

We assemble to seek out the best of what is to help ignite the collective imagination of what might be. Our aim is to generate knowledge that expands the realm of the possible, helping members envision a collectively desired future and carry that vision forth into reality.


    The Manifesto

    Society today does not reflect the highest manifestation of who we can be - and to transform it we must go within and transform ourselves. We see the false consensual belief of separation between individuals as the core problem. Isolation is not our destiny. We do not pretend to have the answers or know how to help anyone, so we come together to start a journey in the pursuit of individual purpose as a function of positive impact on others.

    Our Principles
    • Go

      We believe in making a commitment to personal transformation, both individually and collectively.

    • Be
      Of Service

      We believe in contributing our skills, experience and expertise to others as a way to finding our own purpose. We believe in getting out of our own ego to unlock our creative genius.

    • Do Well By
      Doing Good

      We believe in making a living as a function of positive impact on others, and exploring the highest service that our lives can offer to the whole.

    Soren Rose,

    Christine Finley,

    Alexandre Tannous,
    Sound Meditation

    Dumeetha Luthra,
    Take Pause


    A New Paradigm For Impact

    To improve the world around us, we need to uncover new frameworks and methods that enable businesses to have a positive social impact and turn a profit.

    Industry leaders, entrepreneurs, artists & beyond from The Assemblage community are challenging the status quo by infusing a positive social agenda into their business initiatives to help people, communities and the world-at-large to thrive.

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      Let's Assemble

      We assemble to seek out the best of what is to help ignite the collective imagination of what might be.

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