Our Ethos


Assemble with other creatives, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs to develop projects that inspire social change and disrupt the status quo.


Be the guiding forces of technological innovation, a social paradigm shift, and a just world for generations to come.


Life is a game meant to be played with lightness and joy, even with all the serious stuff happening in the world (maybe even because of it)!


Thrive in a supportive environment that provides access to other thought leaders as well as the developmental guidance of your gifts.


Cultivate a balance of spiritual well-being, professional work, and your calling in life to fulfill yourself and enhance the world around you.


Create and participate in opportunities for true impact in the world: with Impact Journeys, within the community, in your business and in the wider world.

The Manifesto

We are a global community of individuals who believe the world is on the verge of collective consciousness evolution.

Our Principles

  • Go

    We believe in making a commitment to personal transformation, both individually and collectively.
  • Be
    Of Service

    We believe in contributing our skills, experience and expertise to others as a way of finding our own purpose. We believe in getting out of our own ego to unlock our creative genius.
  • Do Well By
    Doing Good

    We believe in making a living as a function of positive impact on others, and exploring the highest service that our lives can offer to the whole.

Ready to join
The Assemblage

Our community is made up of people and organizations across all sectors of human endeavor — join our growing network of authors, scientists, creatives, NGOs, architects and beyond.